Stanford M. Adelstein is a major figure in South Dakota business and politics, and Eric Steven Zimmer’s The Question is “Why?“ explains how he succeeded in public life despite being Jewish in a state with a minuscule Jewish population.

The book begins with Adelstein’s family’s immigration to the United States and their establishment of the Northwestern Engineering Company, the business that Adelstein eventually took over. This family narrative gives way to Adelstein’s own accomplishments, and his business career is recounted via memorable stories, as of putting together a loan for the Crazy Horse monument, purchasing land nearby to block a development, and turning that land over to the memorial. In another case, he is seen organizing an effort to keep the most complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton in the state where it was discovered—this time, without success.

Adelstein’s years in South Dakota politics are covered, including his stint as a delegate to the Republican National Convention and his run for office in 2000, after which he served in both houses of the state legislature. To counter the challenges of being a Jewish politician in a largely Protestant state, he teamed up with nuns to help fund an important hospital and took South Dakota politicians to Israel on a learning expedition. An admirer of Nelson Rockefeller, he is positioned as one of the last moderate Republicans in a state where the party’s shifted far to the right.

Though this biography was commissioned by its subject, it’s still a solid, in-depth, well-researched work. Adelstein occasionally speaks in the form of extended quotes, but mostly to add anecdotes or opinions to the narrative. Everything is covered through an effective mix of interviews, stories, and news reports.

The Question is “Why?“ is a solid introduction to an exceptional giant in South Dakota life.
— Jeff Fleischer, Foreword Reviews

The greatness of America is embodied by the creation of people like Stan Adelstein. Out here on the prairies, few have achieved as much in life, business, politics, and charity—not to mention the promotion of their ethnic background—as he has. From his grandmother’s “Jew store” in Kadoka, South Dakota to New York City, Tel Aviv, and beyond, Stan’s is a warm, remarkable story that must be read.
— Rudy Boschwitz, U.S. Senator (R-MN, 1978-1991), U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission (2005), President George H.W. Bush’s Emissary to Ethiopia (1991)

The Question is ‘Why?’ provides an intimate look at the life of a true statesman. Well into his ninth decade, Stanford Adelstein continues to live his values and impact society as an eminent South Dakotan, a proud American, and a Jew firmly rooted in his tradition and history. This is not only Adelstein’s personal history, but the story of one man’s impact on the world he lives in.
— Robin Doroshow, Executive Director, Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

Where freedom rules, you can create yourself. Everyone you meet and the events of your life have some influence. But your personal decisions define who you become. This book explores Stan’s journey and what it meant to be ‘the Jew from South Dakota.’ What his life shares is insightful, entertaining, and thought-provoking. The book offers dozens of behind-the-scenes stories for readers to enjoy.
— Mike Rounds, U.S. Senator (R-SD)